Low End VPS Providers Oversell VPS

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12 Responses

  1. Hi Anthony,
    Your question is valid in this VPS Hosting world. 99% Low end VPS providers do oversell their VPS nodes because they sell at the price which is below the standard industry price of a VPS machine. A VPS is hosted on VPS node which in fact is a dedicated server having dedicated resources including CPU, RAM, and disk. Since low end VPS providers sell for dirt-cheap prices like $1/month or $10 per year for a 1GB VPS with 25 GB SSD or HDD, they have to accommodate more and more VPS customers into a single node in order to be profitable. A dedicated server for VPS hosting has minimum of 32GB RAM, 500 GB to 1TB hard disk and a 4 core CPU. Such server costs around $250 to $350 per month. If a low end VPS provider has to make money and sustain in the market and that he chooses to sell a cheap VPS plan for $1 per month or $10 a year, then he has to host over 350 VPS on a single node/server in order to meet his costs. This does not includes the bandwidth, technical support, etc. he has to pay for to run a VPS hosting business. Due to overselling, the limited resources on VPS node/dedicated server is divided between hundreds of clients and so the server becomes slow, the processes take time to complete, the disk speed is below 100 MB/s and even the VPS goes down often. It is my advice that one should avoid low end VPS providers at all cost if one is serious about hosting their valued sites and apps on a VPS plan. Any provider which offers you a VPS for a price below $15 per month is surely a low end provider. Such VPS providers can be fly-by-night as they cannot sustain in long-run due their crappy hosting practices.

    Try buying a VPS with a premium provider like Online. At Online we do not oversell any of the VPS nodes, so the CPU and RAM allotted to each VPS client is generous and can be fully utilized at any time without slowing down the VPS. Our VPS plans come with self-managed/managed and fully managed options and the pricing starts $20 per month which is an industry-standard among premium VPS providers. Also we completely support our VPS and help our customers to get and grow online. Our VPS, though premium, come at affordable price and can easily upgraded-downgraded. You can use VPS for development as well as production sites/apps, personal sites, as well as forums, ecommerce sites, etc.

    For more information about VPS hosting from Online, you can visit https://the-Online.com/

  2. Tim says:

    When you buy a low end VPS be sure its oversold and at the same time its overloaded. Forget about the support you’ll receive. Some low end providers do charge for OS re-install and setting rDNS. I am having over 6 VPS with such low end providers but I’m fine with it as I can manage those. I use such low end VPS only for testing my apps or installing a VPN, etc. that’s it. For my business sites and hosting forums I always go with premium VPS providers. They do not oversell at all, and their support and service is good.

  3. Jeet says:

    From my personal experience low end VPS providers offer awful service. I had hosted with 15-20 companies listed in various low end forums and blogs and guess what – 12 of them winded their VPS hosting business within a year. Now a days anyone starts a VPS hosting business by renting a dedicated server and partioning into 200-300 VPS thus overloading the CPU/RAM. Stay away for such provider if you are serious about hosting your applications. Low end VPS providers undertake deceptive business practices and such companies are totally untrustworthy.

  4. Tariq Khan says:

    To sustain the business (at least of a year or two) many low end VPS providers sell 1GB RAM VPS and out of which 768MB is swapped RAM or bursted RAM which turns meaning less when you actually install a OS, web server, and some CMS like WordPress on your VPS machine as it becomes under-powered. Best way is to go with a premium VPS provider who does not lists itself in LET/LEB sites as a low end VPS company. This ensures your VPS reliability and good performance too!

  5. Sarah says:

    Cheapest VPS providers are not at all legit. I had 4 VPS machines with 4 different low end providers each in between $5 to $10 a month. Guess what, from day one the VPS were down because of overloading due to overselling by them. I could see 100+ VPS tenants cramped on a single VPS node having 32GB RAM!!! Most of those VPS providers were selling OpenVZ plans. Want to sell a 16GB VPS on a 8GB (physical) RAM? It’s simple: We’ll just use swap (disk space) and make it look like RAM. Those VPS companies probably won’t last long. The list is very big! After 6-7 months I migrated to a high-end VPS provider who actually sold guaranteed RAM, CPU core and had good disk I/O, more over their uptime was always 100%. My VPS was never off. The provider is Online (https://the-online.com/) Other good VPS provider is Softlayer (http://www.softlayer.com) and one more I used is LiquidWeb (http://www.liquidweb.com). Out of these Online has self-managed as well as managed vps plan and 24/7 support.

  6. Jeffrey says:

    Where can I find those low end VPS hosting providers? So I can just avoid purchasing from them.

  7. Otto R says:

    Hey! you can just google “low end vps providers” or “budget vps provider” and you’ll see numerous such providers who offer low end VPS hosting. Also you can search few forums like lowendbox and lowendtalk where they list many low end offers.

  8. Michael Frost says:

    It’s 852 days, over 2 years of uptime from Online. And this is on one little $20 a month VPS. Thanks for the reliable service. Now I’m gonna purchase another 2 VPS from you.

  9. Hi Michael,
    thanks for a positive feedback of Online’s VPS hosting. We are here to serve you better. Open a ticket before you want to purchase another VPS and we’ll add first 2 months free for you (up to 2 VPS). Also we’ll help you if you want to migrate sites from another provider to us.

  10. Floris says:

    Is there any good high-end VPS provider in India? I couldn’t find any reputable company. How’s Milesweb vps? How about Hostgator India VPS? are they too low end providers?

  11. Hi Floris,
    We don’t know about other Indian VPS providers, but you can try Online’s VPS plans that come with self-managed, managed and fully-managed service starting $20 per month. You’ll get superior quality and reliable VPS then any of our Indian counterparts.

    We are also running a special promotion for existing clients which includes a fully managed VPS with 3 core CPU, 3 GB guaranteed RAM, 100 GB SSD, 2 TB bandwidth, and cPanel/WHM control panel for $15 per month at our India datacenter. We use Dell servers, Intel processors, and Samsung SSDs and are well connected with premium bandwidth providers including Tata, Reliance, Airtel, BSNL and other national and international backbones. This VPS also includes in-house free CDN where your data is store and served from Delhi, Chennai and Dallas (U.S.) location apart from the host node in Mumbai. This is a limited-time deal and is not available on Online’s website. So you need to open the ticket to purchase it.

  12. Stepperman says:

    There a lots of low end VPS providers in the U.S. here. Afterburst, Delimiter, Edis, Host1plus, Host4geek, Hudson Valley Host, Ethernet servers, Chicago VPS, Host Color, Iniz, Ram Host, Host US, Server mania, Ram Node, Tragic Servers, etc. My personal choice is Softlayer VPS and I’m looking to buy one from Online.