Are .SHOP domain names free at Online?

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  1. Hi Nick,
    Online will be offering free .Shop domain names for its customers. The limitations are: One free .shop domain per customer. You must have minimum 1 active domain name in your account other than .shop domain. Also note this is in-house promo of Online which will have limited stock of free .shop domain names available on first come basis. Online may discontinue this promotion at any time. Rest assured every .shop domain name registration will include free DNS, free domain forwarding and masking, free change of registration, free domain locking and protection. T&C apply.

  2. Jason says:

    How many free .shop domain names can I register under one account? Does premium .shop domains qualify for this domain promo? I already have Managed WordPress hosting plan with Online. Can I claim the free .shop domain with it?

  3. Kelly D says:

    Can I register .shop domain at Moniker and then transfer to Online? Will there be domain transfer charges?

  4. Siddharath Patel says:

    Can I register two free .shop domain names as I have 2 active .com domains in my Online account? For how much days this free offer will remain?

  5. Online Customer Support says:

    Hi Jason,
    You can register one free .shop domain name under one Online account. You can further register any number of .shop domain names with your payment mode. Premium .shop domains do not qualify for this domain promo. We offer one free .com or .net domain with Managed WordPress hosting plans. If you have already utilized the free credit then you’ll not be able to register free .shop domain. I suggest you open a support ticket and someone from the sales department will take care of your concern.

  6. Online Customer Support says:

    Hi Kelly,
    You can register .shop domains at any registrar and transfer to Online with our Domain Transfer tool. Your .shop domain transfer will cost the then current price and we’ll give you one-year free domain name registration plus all time remaining on your current registration with your old registrar. Also we’ll give free DNS management, and free domain protection with your .shop domain transfer. I’m sure you’ll love our cheap pricing, features, and 24/7 customer support to help you manage your .shop domain name as well as DNS, email, websites hosted on your domain.

  7. Online Customer Support says:

    Hi Siddharath,
    We are offering one free .shop domain per customer account. If you have more than one account with different customer# and both have one active domain each, then surely you can register two free .shop domain names. Please contact support for further details.

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