AdSense Booster and Manager Plugin Not Working in WordPress

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  1. Hi Jeffry,
    At Online Managed WordPress hosting we do check each WordPress plugin and then it’s allowed to be installed. Most Adsense manager plugins from plugin site are working fine with us. Over 200 clients site using this particular plugin have not found any issue with it. That said, our Support Staff logged into your Managed WordPress account and found out that AdSense Booster and Manager plugin you have installed in one of your WordPress site was not running properly as you have stated in your original post. In the plugins directory we found out that a particular php file was missing which was called upon by the plugin’s other files to work properly. We’ve just taken the backup of your entire site, removed the AdSense Booster and Manager plugin and re-installed it fresh from the WordPress site. We’ve tested our AdSense code on it, and now its those AdSense ads are showing on your website. For this, we have disabled the caching-plugin too. I suggest you should try to insert your own Adsense code and then activate the cache-plugin. The details about the above task undertaken by us has been already emailed to you at your account’s email address. Should you need any further help regarding your Managed WordPress hosting plan or WordPress site and it’s plugins, feel free to write to us, email us or give us a call. Good-day.

    ^Aron, WordPress Manager

  2. SK Vignesh says:

    I used Adsense booster plugin on my site… ads not displaying below the first paragraph. I had a doubt whether I want to add code at end of 1st paragraph for each posts or the plugin will automatically dislpay the ad.

  3. Hi SK Vignesh,
    We checked your Adsense booster plugin, and we found out you’ve also installed another Adsense manager plugin. Both might conflict with each other. Since you are not on our Managed WordPress Hosting plans, we request you to disable either of the plugin and then try. If problem persists then open up a ticket, email us or call us, and we will happily help you out.

    ^Aron, WordPress Manager

  4. Muhammad Tabish says:

    I just installed my new WordPress site at Online. I also installed Adsense manager plugin and inserted the ad code given by Google in the plugin, but this plugin is not at all working. Did I miss something? help me.

  5. Hi Muhammad,
    If you are using Online’s Managed WordPress Hosting plan, then we’ll surely check it for you about the AdSense manager plugin. Please open a ticket or email us the details of your WordPress install and we’ll take care of.

    ^Alex, WordPress Product Support