99 cent .COM Domain Name Registration Promo Codes

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  1. Hi Ross,
    We are delighted to know that last time you took advantage of 99 cent .COM domain promo and registered your domain name for only 99 cents against the regular price Online offers ($8.99/yr).

    Right now the 99 cent .COM promo has been ended and we may activate it back very soon!

    If you want to register a new .COM domain for 99 cents at Online, then drop us a line, and I’ll send you a very special 99 cent promo code which will be valid for one-use only. With this promo code you can register 1 new .COM domain name for 1 year. (Not multiple years).

    Also you can register other TLDs like .NET, .ORG, .CO and many more starting 99 cent with their respective promo codes / coupons available at Online website.

    You can also take advantage of $1.99 domain name registration where you can register .com .net .org .info or .co domain with any non-domain product purchase for just $1.99 per year!

    Even you can register a free .com domain name if you buy a Web hosting or Website builder plan starting $1.99 per month.

    To start with domain name registration just visit The-Online.com

    ^Jessica B.

  2. Alex says:

    hI, Godaddy also offers 99 cent domain names. But at renewal they charge $14.99 per year. What is the renewal pricing of Online if we use 99 cent domain promo to register a .com?

  3. Alex,
    We are not aware about Godaddy promos or their renewal prices. But at Online our .com domain renewal price is $8.99 per year. Even if you buy a domain name with 99 cent promo codes or at regular price or at any special discount price, the renewal price of domain will always be $8.99/yr. You may use a promo code or a coupon to renew your .COM domain at Online for less than $8.99/yr if they are available.

    Also note: We use two to three upstream providers and so 99 cent .COM domain promo may or may not be available always on the site.

  4. Amit says:

    I’ve domain name with Znet India, can I get a .com for 99 cent if I transfer my domain to Online?

  5. Dear Amit,
    You can transfer your domain from Znet India to Online by going to The-Online.com and clicking on Domain Transfer link. Though domain transfer is not available for 99 cents, we do offer free .com domain name registration for 1 more year for you. Example: You transfer your domain to us today, and your domain expiry is on 31-dec-2017, then we will extend your domain expiry to 31-dec-2018 (that is free one year domain registration for you).

    ^Jessica B.

  6. Braian says:

    The following 99 cent Domain Promos to register .COM domains are not working. Could you please tell why? Any new promo codes available instead of those?

    Promo codes: cjcrama7, gdnewyear, hny2017, 99cent, 99com, namecheap17, namecheap16

  7. Hello Braian,
    Sorry to inform you but the above promo codes you’ve posted expired. We’ll soon offer new 99 cent promo codes and coupons so you can register .COMs for 99 cent only. It that, you can register .COM for $1.99 per year (without any promo code) with any non-domain purchase like Email, Web Hosting, Website Builder, Online Store, SSL certificate, etc. Just visit https://the-Online.com and start the registration!


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