$1.99 Low Cost Domain Name Registration Offer

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  1. Hi Kim,
    Some popular TLDs like .com .net .org and .co have been made available for low cost, that is, $1.99 per year. You can go ahead and register your favorite domain name for $1.99 per year. You can register unlimited domains for this price. The catch is: You should add eligible non-domain product to qualify. There are no coupon or promo codes to avail this offer as it is already activated in the shopping-cart.

    Tell me if you would like to renew your existing domain name for low price. The renewal costs $8.99/yr. but I can give you 35% discount if you renew domain for 5 year or more!

    For any information or to register domains for $1.99 visit Online official site at The-Online.com


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